What Restrains You?

Photo Courtesy of FotoliaThere is a long list of things that tend to restrain us and hold us back from realizing our Big Dreams.

Restrained by Laziness

Few people will admit they are lazy. But in reality we simply lack the motivation and desire to really realize our dreams. It is just so much easier to just dream about our dreams than it is to pursue our dreams.

Restrained by Self Interest and Selfishness

It can’t be just all about YOU. If your goal is only to benefit YOU at the expense of others then you fall into the category of a Pirate Leader. You most likely have encountered pirate leaders, they are easy to spot because they pillage an organization or a relationship for their own selfish benefit.

Restrained by Old Ways

Things aren’t the way they used to be because, “it is not the way it used to be” and it never will be again. Be unrestrained and leverage the wisdom of your past and the ways things used to be done to do things better today. Don’t live in your past, leverage the “the past” to advance forward toward your big dream.

Restrained by Comfort

We get comfortable with our income, where we live our lifestyle, our current relationships. We fear that we will be uncomfortable. When you choose to Be Bodacious and pursue your Big Dreams you will be uncomfortable, so expect it don’t fear it.

Restrained by the Fear of Failure

To often we so fear failure that we remain where we are and decide to “play it safe”. While we feel we are being safe, in reality we are failing to realize and act on our dreams.

Restrained by the Fear of Success

On the other hand there is a fear of success and the changes it will bring to our lives. We question that once we are successful can we “stay on top”, fearful of fading success.

Restrained by the Fear of the Unknown

There are many things that can go wrong when you pursue your Big Dream and no matter how much you prepare and plan the unknown will happen. The reality is tomorrow is an unknown and not pursuing your Big Dream will result in unknown consequences.

In Reality We Are Restrained By Ourselves!


To Be Bodacious You Must Have Unrestrained Passion

For the Dream

For Success

For Making a Difference


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