What My Father Left Me

Fathers Day weekend my wife and I visited my Dad’s grave. Standing by his grave in the little country cemetery, caused me to reflect on what my father taught me. I wrote this in my book and read it again on Fathers Day morning. This is what my Dad left me… Thanks Dad

Life is not about what you keep, it is about what you give.
People remember your actions more than your words.
Preach less and minister more.
Be gentle in suffering.
Be strong in suffering.
Be willing to sacrifice for others.
Submit to God and know He is with you.
Speak with kindness and gentleness.
Cherish the time you have with family.
Cherish the time you have to serve God.
Honor God, family and people.


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2 thoughts on “What My Father Left Me

  1. I knew your dad, Dan and a wonderful man he was. Your Mom was a spririted person also. You may not remember that we are kin but your father was my dad’s cousin. We have relatives in Hillsboro. Many whom have now gone on HOME. I am a ordained baptist minister. I would like to ask for prayer for our family. Reasons are not important God knows. I am proud of your success but mainly for you and Kay’s leadership from God. Hope to see you one day if not here, we will for eternity.

    In Christ.

    Gary Jacobs
    112 Yorkshire
    Weatherford Tx

  2. Cousin.. Awesome to hear you are an ordained minister and I appreciate your affirming comments about Dad. We don’t always realize how valuable relationships are until someone special has passed. I miss sitting and talking with Dad; however, I have assurance there will be a day we will sit and talk again in heaven. I have been blessed by what he left me. Our prayers are lifted up for your family and thank you for staying in touch.

    Steve Wood

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