Three Words Each Day – The Karani Method

time for changeRecently we joined our church on a trip to Kenya, Africa and for a few weeks prior to leaving I started working on my Swahili.  My Texas accent and the African language do not work well together. When I would attempt Swahili it sounded more like a drunk Texan, not the way you want to come across when you are on a church trip.

We were met the first morning  by our driver Karani, who turned out to be an expert driver and a language teacher all in one. First of all you need a really good driver in Nairobi, the traffic makes Houston rush hour look like a drive on a country road. Second having someone who could help us “master” a few words of Swahili was a big plus. The first morning Karini advised us that we would learn three new Swahili words each day.

The first the words he taught us that morning were: Habari Ya Asubuhi – In Swahili means “How Are You This Morning”. Sounded simple enough, but getting it from Texan to Swahili took a bit more effort that I thought it would. Karini, got a good laugh and must have thought I was a big goof as a slaughtered the language.

Karini’s advice to learn only three words each day worked and three became six and six became nine. By the end of our trip we were not Swahili experts but we did know more than when we first arrived and we could exchange greetings and simple phrases with the Kenyans.

 Learn a Little Everyday:

What are you learning each day? Are you learning three new things each day or are you listening to three different news reports each day? Daily learning is the key to personal and professional growth. Can’t read the whole book? Then read a chapter.

Three Learning Areas:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Occupational
  3. Personal

Make time each day to study in one of these three areas. Grow spiritually, grow your career and grow your personal life. You will feel much better when you work on you, instead of letting the media do their work on you. Take control of your learning and you will take control of your life.  Related Post: You Can Fix Ignorant

The Karani Method Works:

When we left Kenya, we knew more Swahili than we were arrived. We greeted people, thanked people and offered simply phrases in Swahili. Learn three new things each day and you will know more than when you started. Start today, turn off the TV, unplug from Facebook and other distractions and Grow You.


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  1. This Karani’s brother, a great lesson learnt, I really appreciate the way you compared your learning of swahali and application on spiritual growth. That is awesome keep it up.

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