Qualities of a Great Mentor

As you pursue your bodacious opportunities, you will need a mentor; someone capable of    giving sound advice; an encourager, and a rescuer. Unfortunately, too many people give bad    advice or fail to encourage when you make a mistake. A great mentor is a rare find. Here are    the qualities a good mentor will possess.


Experience: This is not their first rodeo; they are educated and proven by experience.

Wisdom: They have the wisdom to dispense their knowledge and do so without the    expectation of personal gain. Their advice is born out of experience and wisdom rather than  out of emotion.

Encouragement: They cheer you on when you are the underdog and fuel your courage to    move to the next challenge. They motivate you when you are down and encourage you to be extraordinary, unrestrained, and bold.

Loyalty: They are beside you in your most troubling times; they extend a hand and pull you up.