Plan for Success Not Perfection

Planning for Perfection is Planning to Quit


Most things in life do not go exactly as you plan. You can plan for success or plan to quit but you can’t plan for both.

You may think, “I never plan to quit”. Think about that… have you ever quit at anything? Sure you have… everyone has quit and everyone has felt the frustration of failure. Everyone has looked back and on the time they quit just short of their goal.

Here is the problem. If you plan for perfect it will not go perfect. If you accept nothing but perfect then you will very disappointed. Plans are not perfect and require adjustments if you want to achieve your goal. If you plan for success, knowing things will not go perfect then you will be prepared to make adjustments to your plans to achieve your goal.

The path to success is not the perfect path. The path to success is always longer than you plan and will cost more than you plan. Success requires hard work and the drive to keep going when your perfect plans blow up and you want to quit.

Successful people do not plan for perfect they plan to make adjustments to their plans and their methods to achieve success. The difference between success and failure lies in the gap between planning for success and clear vision of what success looks like. Being successful is all about getting started.

Three ways to Plan for Success vs Planning to Quit

  • Plan for success not perfection
    • When you plan for perfection you may be tempted to wait for the perfect time before you start working toward your goal. The perfect time to start working toward accomplishing your goal is today. The longer you wait the more likely you are to never start.
    • When you plan for success you plan on getting started and making adjustments along the way. Have a good picture of  what success looks like and pursue success
  • Keep your goal and make adjustments to what you are doing to achieve the goal
    • Resist the temptation to change your goal, to lower the bar. Your goal should remain your goal, even it takes longer or cost more than you planned. Adjust your timeline, adjust what you are doing, do not adjust your goal.
  • Focus on the one adjustment that will make the current situation better
    • Don’t over adjust or make too many adjustments. List all the potential adjustments you need to make. Narrow your list of adjustments to the three that would most improve the current situation. From the three adjustments narrow your action toward one adjustment, the one adjustment that would most improve the current situation.

Join me for the Rockin Out Rett – Benefit Event to raise awareness and funds for research to find a cure for Rett Syndrome. This is my first fund raising event and I got started by planning for Success and not planning for perfection.

This will be a great evening of food and music… and it will not go perfect but it will be a success.  You can make a difference for the 350,000 girls with Rett Syndrome. The dollar you donate, may be the dollar that funds a breakthrough.