Navigating the Reefs of Bodacious Dreams

What is your big dream that you think about often? The big dream that looms on the horizon of your perceived possibility, is your Bodacious Dream. One of my Bodacious Dreams was to captain a sailing yacht to the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

The islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific are perhaps the most beautiful islands anywhere on earth. For many years, I dreamed about captaining a sailing yacht to explore the lagoons and beaches of these islands. After years of dreaming and planning, it became reality when my wife and I sailed a 44 foot sailing yacht to Bora Bora and dropped anchor in calm of the island lagoon. It was truly a sailing trip of a lifetime and fulfillment of one of my “Bodacious Dreams”.

We have sailed throughout the Caribbean and wiggled our way through reefs to drop anchor off some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, sailing the Islands of French Polynesia presented a different type of navigation challenge for us. Unlike the islands in the Caribbean the islands of French Polynesia and Bora Bora are encircled by reefs with only one or two passages through the reef.

The island of Bora Bora and its towering peaks are separated from the closest islands by miles of open water and the rolling swells of the Pacific Ocean.  When we set sail toward the island of Bora Bora the peaks that were miles away, were easily spotted on the horizon; so locating the island was not a navigational problem. However, getting through the reef that surrounds Bora Bora presented a bigger challenge.

The reef that surrounds Bora Bora extends several miles from the island.  While we could clearly see the peaks of Bora Bora; sailing straight toward the peaks would have landed us on the reef where the pounding waves would grind our boat into nothing more than fiberglass foam. The reef surrounding Bora Bora has only one passage and it is on the opposite side of the island. To get to the passage; requires sailing miles off shore to the back side of the island to locate the passage through the reef.  An attempt to cross the reef anywhere but through this passage would be disastrous.

Discovering the Passage to Your Bodacious Dreams

Often we focus on the towering peaks of our Bodacious Dream that looms on our horizon. Realizing the dream appears so simple, it’s there on the horizon, and all we have to do is head toward our dream.  It’s appears so obvious and in our excitement and haste,  we rush in pursuit without determining the correct passage of entry. Pursuing our Bodacious Dreams by following the most obvious course can run us straight into the reefs of disappointment, frustration and failure. Most often, what may appear to be the most obvious approach to realizing our dream is not the correct point of entry. Pursuing your Bodacious Dream requires preparation and understanding of the obstacles that lie between you and your dream.

Proper pursuit of your Bodacious Dream requires self-examination, study, preparation, perseverance, and hard work. A Bodacious Dream is more than whim, it is something you have passion for and are willing pay the price of preparation to obtain.

Prior to sailing to Bora Bora we spent hours studying navigational charts, reading passage notes in cruising guides and even doing a 3D “fly by” in Google Earth. We carefully checked our sailboat to make sure everything was working and that it was capable of the crossing. Finally and most important we checked the weather forecast for the day so we would not attempt the crossing in unfavorable weather conditions.

Pursuit of your Bodacious Dream may require months or years of preparation before your take the first step toward your dream. However; you cannot stay in the safe harbor of endless preparation; the day will come when you must seize the opportunity and set sail toward your Bodacious Dreams. The first few miles of your journey will make you uneasy as you leave your safe harbor and set sail into the open waters of realizing your Bodacious Dreams. The waves of resistance and fear will be larger than you anticipate. This is when your careful preparation will give you the confidence to continue toward your Bodacious Dream. Like the well-prepared sailor who does not sail the obvious course toward an island, you must carefully navigate the reefs that encircle your Bodacious Dream to the correct point of entry.
The correct point of entry to realize your Bodacious Dream is usually not the most obvious or the shortest route. To realize your Bodacious Dream requires much preparation and perseverance to stay the course when the waves of fear and resistance are larger than anticipated. So start today; stop dreaming about your Bodacious Dream, stop looking at it on the horizon and start your journey by taking the first step of preparation and planning.  Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your dream, and then have the courage to untie the dock lines and head out into the open water of opportunity to your Bodacious Dream.

Be Bodacious and set sail toward your Bodacious Dream!


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