Move On Or Move Forward

Givers do not move on… they Move Forward.

When Kevin Black lost his daughter, Cortney, to Rett Syndrome he could have just “moved on”. Dave Clements could have attended Cortney’s funeral and “moved on”. They decided not to move on but to move forward to raise awareness and help find a cure for Rett Syndrome.

Since my twin granddaughters, Kaylie and Kenzie, were diagnosed with Rett Syndrome we have found strength and encouragement from all of the people who continue to move forward, raise a hand, raise awareness and raise funds for a cure.

People like Tom and Celani Marcotte, don’t have a daughter with Rett Syndrome, yet they moved forward and hosted the Rockin’ Out Rett event. Many people at the event had never heard about Rett Syndrome, but they moved forward to give and raise a hand for Rett Syndrome. They moved forward to give my family hope.

In life you will be faced with times when you just want to move on; put the pain behind you, try to forget that it happened and let others deal with their own pain. You can choose to forget or choose to give. You can choose to ignore or you can choose to take action. You can choose to move on or move forward.

Right now, someone is going through pain, someone is experiencing loss, someone had their dreams shattered, someone needs you to move forward. I am grateful to Kevin Black, Dave Clements, and Tom & Celani Marcotte for helping our family and all of the girls with Rett Syndrome. Thank you for moving forward to find a cure and bring hope.

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