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At Steven D Wood we work with companies to SHIFT their position in the market through leadership and sales transformation. When the leadership and sales expertise are developed in concert you can realize a real market shift. A balanced approach to growing your sales and leadership expertise will produce results that shift your position in the market.


Developing your leadership and sales expertise will move you from a market follower to a market leader.


Leader SHIFT

Shifting your leadership expertise occurs by assessing where you are starting from, establishing where you want to go and understanding the obstacles along the way. Utilizing leadership material of top leadership experts and real leadership experience the Leader SHIFT program will move you to a higher level of leadership.

·      REAL Experience

·      REAL Experts

Understanding your current leadership level and mapping a strategy for leadership growth results in leader shift.




Sales results are a reflection of your activities in the market. Wrong activities will result in poor sales results. Average activity will result in average results. Opportunity focused activity will result in market leading results.


There are 5 Levels of Sales Expertise and having a clear understanding of your current level is critical. You can become a market leader by assessing your current sales level

The sales shift program will move you from activities based selling to opportunities based selling. Are you a market leader or a market follower? Do you move the market or does the market move you? What is your REAL potential in the market? Are you achieving goals or are you reaching for your potential in the market.

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