Live Like a Pedigree

Kay’s Golden Sailor

A few year’s ago, I got my first pedigree dog, every dog I had up to point was a mutt. My pedigree dog is a female yellow lab, great looking dog that is actually golden in color. When we registered her, we had to come up with a fancy name. My wife’s name is Kay, the dog is gold colored and we like sailing… so we named her Kay’s Golden Sailor, we call her Sailor for short. This dog is a true pedigree: she is supposed to eat only store bought food; however, she won’t touch it unless it’s topped with “people food” such as two wieners sliced into bite size chunks or warm chicken broth. And for treats… this is the first dog I ever had that got treats, her favorite is Newman’s Own Peanut Butter Flavored heart shaped treats. Sailor does not sleep in the back yard like all my other mutts, she sleeps in the house in her own little doggy bed. When we go out of town, she is not left in the yard to fend for herself, this pedigree goes to the Pet Resort for the weekend to play with her other doggy friends. We even get Facebook updates about her activities while she is there! Sailor is a smart dog, she can do tricks like sit, lay, stay, fetch and shake. Just don’t forget to give her a gourmet snack for doing the trick. This dog is a pedigree and lives like a pedigree.

Steve’s Fluffy Mutt

Let’s talk about Steve’s Fluffy Mutt. If you could have a pedigree mutt this dog would have been one. If this dog would have had a fancy pedigree type name it would have been Steve’s Fluffy Mutt.  When I brought this dog home, my young daughter insisted that we name the dog Fluffy. I wanted a dog with a man dog name, like Rocket. We were in a deadlock over the name, but you know who won… my little daughter and the dog was from then on known Fluffy. Fluffy slept outside and would get really nervous if you tried to keep her in the house at night. When we went out of town, Fluffy stayed in the backyard and fended for herself, no pet resorts for this dog. Just leave her a bowl of scraps and cheap dog food and Fluffy was fine. Fluffy did not like store bought food she preferred table scraps and preferred the food you had on your plate and had stirred around in. For treats; no gourmet stuff here, Fluffy preferred frogs. She really liked to eat chicken bones, any kind of chicken bone from the leg bone to the breast bone, no matter how small or large Fluffy loved them. Now I know what you are thinking, “Don’t this idiot know that chicken bones can kill dogs?” Well, I did not know that and neither did Fluffy, so she ate chicken bones.

Our Choice

We can chose to live life like a pedigree or we can chose to live on scraps of time, money, and relationships.


Too often it seems we only get the scraps of time that are leftover after our job takes the biggest piece, checking e-mails, watching television and surfing the web take their share. We end the day spending no time just working on us, we end up with the scraps. There was no times to dream, set goals, pray, read, and evaluate ourselves. Pedigrees do not live on scraps of time they set aside one hour a day at minimum to dream, pray, set goals, work on personal development.


After we pay the house payment, credit card bills, water bill, electric bill, cable bill, car payment, and pay to fix what broke that month it seems like there is nothing left for us other than the scraps of leftover money. Pedigrees do not live on scraps of money; they take the gourmet portion first. Pedigrees take the first 10% of their gross income and they give it away! That is right they give it away to their Church, charities and other organizations that benefit those in need. Second, Pedigrees go crazy here and give themselves 10% of their gross income for savings and investments. Try this, give to others and yourself first, and see if after one year you do not have more in your personal accounts, feel great about helping others and earn more money than you ever earned.


Too often we give the scraps of unforgiveness, petty jealousy, and envy. Pedigrees on the other hand offer forgiveness to those who have wronged them, celebrate with others in their successes, and build up self-esteem in their relationships.

Be a Pedigree

Choose the pedigree life; stop feasting on scraps. Take time for you, invest in yourself, invest in others, forgive, celebrate and build-up and you will be a pedigree for yourself and to others.

Mutt or Pedigree

Life is too short to live on scraps. Be a Pedigree!

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