Fast to Ask the Right Questions

Slow to ask too many questions

You must be Fast to Ask the Right Questions Slow to Ask Too Many Questions

  • The best way to stop innovation, stifle buy in, teamwork and risk taking is to beat the team with too many questions.
  • Remember.. There are dumb questions! Being the boss does not exempt you from asking dumb questions or give you the license to ask too many questions
  • Great leaders ask the RIGHT questions

Where did this idea of asking a lot of questions make you a good leader come from?

It comes from business management schools.  The teaching is to question everything 3 times.  Good teaching if you want to stop at being a manager… not good advise if you want to be a great leader.
Most likely this is making some people uncomfortable because it is challenging traditional teachings around management.

Question everything is a mantra of managers not great leaders.

  • Let me ask you a question, “Do you want your people preparing for innovation or preparing for an interrogation?”
  • When you question everything your team does… your team will stop doing things that breed hard questions.
  • It is important to ask questions… not too many, but the right questions that foster innovation and encourage the team to go where others have not gone.

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