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Business EmpowermentThe Nike check mark with the tag line “Just Do It”® makes an empowering statement. When you put on the Nike shoes and clothing you are ready to “Just Do It”® ; you are ready to compete, to win, to achieve or get in shape.

When it comes to empowerment leaders just have to do it! But in reality few leaders empower others or understand empowerment. So what is Empowerment? How does a leader know if they have empowered?

Here is a description of the Levels of Empowerment I recently shared with a with a group of very bright young leaders.


This is not empowerment, this is task dumping. You want to get a task off your plate so you dump it on someone else. Generally you don’t care if they are proven are competent individuals, you are just looking for a warm body, a victim to give the task. Relegation is always a bad idea and will get you in trouble. Even though you may dump the task, the responsibility remains with the leader. Here are indicators that you have relegated .A bulldozer and garbage truck on a landfill waste site

  • You dumped the task
  • You did not resource the task
  • You did not follow up on the task
  • You placed the task as insignificant


Is often confused with empowerment. Often we will think we have empowered an individual or team when we have really delegated. As a leader you can’t be everywhere and not every project or opportunity requires your personal presence. To broaden your reach and influence a leader can delegate. Here are some key points of delegation.
we got work to do

  • You give an individual or team limited authority for a specific task or project
  • The individual or team are delegates; their positional title remains unchanged
  • The delegate does not make the final decision
  • The delegate has a vote or significant influence but you make the final decision


As leaders we often talk about empowerment, but rarely do we truly empower people. This is a big deal and you must has the right people to empower. To empower leaders must know who to empower and what is empowerment.

Little superhero

  • Who to Empower?
    • Honest – No cheaters
    • We Centered not Me Centered – It is not just about “me”
    • Proven and Competent – Not just well credentialed
  • What is Empowerment?
    • You give an individual or team authority to act on your behalf
    • This is a much more binding transfer of authority
    • Signing a Power of Attorney is an example of legal empowerment

When it comes to Empowerment leaders just have to do it. Be Bodacious – Just Do It!

Be Extraordinary, Be Unrestrained, Be Bold – Be Bodacious

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