How You Can Be Efficient and Effective

Value Those Kind of People

Overheard a group of five business men having lunch at a premier golf resort. One person was bragging about how he increased the efficiency of the call center by putting ten people in a space that was designed originally for four. He was bragging about how he more than doubled the number of people he put in the same space. When ask by one of the other men at the table, “how did the people like the new arrangement”. The bragging man responded, “those kind of people are okay with it”.

What did he mean by “those kind of people”?

  • People that work there until they find something better
  • Did he mean people he could bully because they had to conform
  • Did he mean people who he viewed beneath him

He had convinced himself that people were happy because he was happy. Actually he didn’t care if the people were happy as long as he was happy. His move was efficient, however; was it effective? Were the employees really more happy? I doubt that. Were customers treated better when serviced by employees sitting on top of each other?

My suggestion to this man is, why didn’t he and his other four friends ask for a table for two and sit in each other’s laps. It would have been more efficient, would have taken less space. They could have even shared their meals. That afternoon instead of paying green fees for everyone they could partner, pay one fee and one person play the front nine and the other person play the back nine. That would have been more efficient.

That probably would not have worked because they were not “those kind of people”.

Good leaders do value being efficient with resources, maximizing productivity and controlling cost. Simply being efficient may not result in an effective team. If people hate working for your organization then they will not value your customer or your organization.  How you value the people will determine the value they place on your organization.

To realize both efficiency and effectiveness value your team as “people” instead of “those kind of people”.