Don’t Let Perfect Get In the Way of Progress

Do something bigTo realize your big dreams you must take action. Too often we delay taking action waiting for the perfect conditions, the right economic conditions or when we have favorable committee review, the bottom line is you have to take action and rarely are the conditions perfect. Be smart, do your homework and plan your initiative, but Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress.

When you take Bold Action it will require Extraordinary Commitment, because it will be hard work. When you take Bold Action you must have Unrestrained Passion for your dream. To take Bold Action you have to Be Bodacious!

Take Bold Action Be Willing To Go Beyond the Horizon:

You will only see as far as your horizon until you move closer to the horizon, then as you move toward the horizon you will be able to see further. What lies beyond the horizon is often time new ideas and ways of doing things. Beyond the horizon may not always look exactly as you pictured it, so you must press on with extraordinary commitment and unrestrained passion for your dream.

Bold Action Requires Breakthrough Thinking:

Think in a way that you have not thought before, push beyond your self imposed mental boundaries. Challenge yourself and your team for breakthrough ideas  and new ways of doing things. If the ideas don’t make you a little uncomfortable and leave some unanswered questions, then you may not have breakthrough thinking taking place.

Be Bold When Facing Resistance:

When you chose to employee breakthrough thinking and take bold action you will meet resistance. As you move outside the boundaries and beyond then visible horizon organizational silos and “kingdoms” will challenge you to maintain status quo and play it safe.

Be Bold and Challenge the Norm:

Ask why, then ask why, then ask why. When you ask why you will find people want to keep doing what they are doing because it is the norm / ordinary and ordinary is the enemy of extraordinary.  Don’t accept ordinary ideas and the status quo, take Bold Action and challenge the norm and ask why.