Dog Replaced by Technology! Are You at Risk?

Our yellow Lab lives to retrieve our morning newspaper. The mere mention of the word newspaper will send her running to the door leaping up and down with excitement.

Our faithful Lab will retrieve the paper with zeal, a lot of dog slobber on the paper and few teeth marks that you have read around and guess the missing words.

When we purchased our iPad we opted to save $18.00 a month and have our paper delivered electronically. Not only was it less expensive the paper was delivered without the slobber and tooth marks. We still get the big Sunday edition in the paper version and our Lab retrieves it every Sunday morning with great excitement dog slobber and teeth marks.

The need to have our dog retrieve our newspaper was made obsolete by new technology and innovative processes. As leaders we are faced with ever changing conditions and we must adapt, modify and learn new ways or our organizations risk becoming obsolete.

What You Know Today is Not What You Need to Know Tomorrow
If you are leading a team that is doing well, then you can be sure someone is watching you and looking for ways to improve on what you doing. Leaders must continually learn new skills so they can lead in changing environments and stay ahead of the competition. So what if you are leading a team that is not doing well? Then continued learning, innovative thinking and improved processes are critical to lead your team to the top in it’s field.

It’s More Than an Event
Learning new skills and processes is part of a daily discipline and can not be gained by attending an event. Events are good ways to get information, understanding and motivation. However, attending an event will not lead change in your organization. Leaders lead change and leaders must have the skills and knowledge to chart the right course.

Leaders Look Beyond the Horizon
Strong leaders look beyond what they can see today and acquire the skills needed to lead beyond the horizon. Skilled leaders push their organizations to new horizons. They stay aware of new innovations and processes and lead their teams beyond where they are today.

“A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do.”
– Leroy Eims

What About Our Lab?
You may be wondering about what our Lab does now there is no paper to retrieve. Well… we subsidized her need to retrieve the morning paper by planting a decoy paper she can still go fetch and exchange for her favorite doggy treat.

Don’t expect someone to “drop a decoy” for your organization. Grow you leadership skills and lead your team over the horizon of change.

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