Fast to Ask the Right Questions

Slow to ask too many questions

You must be Fast to Ask the Right Questions Slow to Ask Too Many Questions The best way to stop innovation, stifle buy in, teamwork and risk taking is to beat the team with too many questions. Remember.. There are dumb questions! Being the boss does not exempt you from asking dumb questions or give […]

Don’t Let Perfect Get In the Way of Progress

Too often we delay taking action waiting for the perfect conditions, the right economic conditions or when we have favorable committee review, the bottom line is you have to take action and rarely are the conditions perfect. Be smart, do your homework and plan your initiative, but Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress.

Three Words Each Day – The Karani Method

Make time each day to study in one of these three areas. Grow spiritually, grow your career and grow your personal life. You will feel much better when you work on you, instead of letting the media do their work on you. Take control of your learning and you will take control of your life.

How You Can Avoid Bad Decisions

Decisions can be hard to make. By not making a timely decision you do not make things better often things become worse when ignored. Customers are lost, critical windows of opportunity are missed and even businesses fail because a leader failed to make a decision at a critical time. Leaders must make decisions with the best information they have available to them.

Leaders: Beware the Dances With Wolves Syndrome

Leaders must communicate their strategic direction frequently so people at all levels of the organization understand the mission and feel they are part of the team. In the absence of communication by the leader, team members will begin to take on the behavior and beliefs of the tribe

Get Off Your But and Pursue Your Bodacious Dream

Get serious about pursuing your bodacious dream, get off your “but,” and do something. Be cautious of getting comfortable and resting on your big but, because your but will prevent you from pursuing your bodacious dreams. Buts come in many forms; here are a few that may look familiar to you: • I would pursue […]

The Arnold Principle and Bodacious Leadership

Bodacious leaders embrace “The Arnold Principle” by defining the way things are done in the organization to deliver a quality product to the customer. Bodacious leaders do not focus on the cow; they focus on delivering the best steaks to the customer. Bodacious leaders encourage innovation though persistence and by gently moving their teams toward the horizon.

A Better Way to Lead – Be Bodacious

There is a better way to lead and that is to be a bodacious leader. A bodacious leader is dedicated to creating an extraordinary, unrestrained, and bold team. Bodacious leaders are great communicators; they instill confidence by being genuine and speaking in an honest, open manner and by never using political talk to side step […]

Qualities of a Great Mentor

As you pursue your bodacious opportunities, you will need a mentor; someone capable of    giving sound advice; an encourager, and a rescuer. Unfortunately, too many people give bad    advice or fail to encourage when you make a mistake. A great mentor is a rare find. Here are    the qualities a good mentor […]