The Eight-Second Rule

We succeed at our dreams not because we are successful in each opportunity, but because we get up off the ground, pay another entry fee, and pursue the next bodacious opportunity. There will be times you will fail to be the type person you should be. Do not stop trying just because you fail once; or even more than once. Get up and pay the entry fee again.

Hope: Once Tried Always Used

While Hope is Not a Strategy a Strategy Must Have Hope

While Hope is Not a Strategy a Strategy Must Have Hope
This year my family found ourselves faced with what seemed to be a hopeless situation Kenzie and Kassie. Our beautiful little granddaughter, Kenzie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome a rare genetic disorder that affects one in ten thousand little girls. Kenzie developed normally until about 10 months when we noticed something was going on, she stopped playing with toys, did not make eye contact, the use of her hands diminished and she stopped trying to crawl. After months of doctors’ visits and specialists Kenzie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome and currently there is no cure. We felt hopeless and crushed.

Be Bodacious and Cure Rett Syndrome

Learn to live more, give more and help find a cure for Rett Syndrome

There is hope for a cure for Rett Syndrome that affects Kenzie and thousands of girls. Donate any amount to research and I will send you a complimentary copy of my book Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership. The research is promising; your donation large of small will help find a cure.

Would You Invest in YOU Inc.?

You are your own enterprise, YOU Inc.
Will other people invest in YOU Inc? Everyday you ask customers or your employer to “buy YOU Inc”. The question you have to ask yourself is “Why should they buy YOU Inc, instead of investing in someone or something different that will provide a better rate of return. What growth can they expect from YOU Inc?

Transformation Begins With Me

Only a three-hour flight from Houston is the scenic country of Guatemala and while there are many great things about the country of Guatemala, it is a country with debilitating social issues and a country without heroes. Guatemala is a country of the young where the average age is 20 years, making it fertile ground for transformation.

The Devil’s Advocate

There is one person who is never invited, yet attends all important meetings; The Devil’s Advocate. Their self appointed job is to point out “crazy thinking”, to seed doubt and insure that progress is stopped. To understand the devil’ s advocate, it will help to know something about the devil. The Bible tells us the […]

How You Can Avoid Bad Decisions

Decisions can be hard to make. By not making a timely decision you do not make things better often things become worse when ignored. Customers are lost, critical windows of opportunity are missed and even businesses fail because a leader failed to make a decision at a critical time. Leaders must make decisions with the best information they have available to them.

Go to Your Horizon

Have the courage to go to the edge of your known abilities, doing so will cause you to grow and learn new skills. Do not eliminate yourself from pursuing new adventures because of fear or what you can see today. Pursuing your new adventures will require extraordinary courage, unrestrained action and boldness. The only way you can sail into new harbors of your life is to have the courage to step out and take on new adventures. You make your own choices. You can choose to only dream about sitting on a yacht at anchor in a beautiful palm fringed bay, or you can take action and pursue your bodacious adventure. What is your bodacious adventure? Dream bodacious dreams and pursue bodacious adventures and you will live a bodacious life.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Today’s business climate is tough to predict. Economic forecast seem to be no better than good guesses and specific market conditions can change overnight. In good business climates it is easy to be a good leader. However; difficult conditions really test our leadership skills and can leave us exhausted trying to keep the ship headed the right direction.

Get Off Your But and Pursue Your Bodacious Dream

Get serious about pursuing your bodacious dream, get off your “but,” and do something. Be cautious of getting comfortable and resting on your big but, because your but will prevent you from pursuing your bodacious dreams. Buts come in many forms; here are a few that may look familiar to you: • I would pursue […]

Qualities of a Great Mentor

As you pursue your bodacious opportunities, you will need a mentor; someone capable of    giving sound advice; an encourager, and a rescuer. Unfortunately, too many people give bad    advice or fail to encourage when you make a mistake. A great mentor is a rare find. Here are    the qualities a good mentor […]

Change Tomorrow by Changing Today

You cannot change your past; it is behind you and forever recorded as history. Your past mistakes, failures and successes are not predetermining factors of your future. You live with the decisions and consequences of your past; this does not change. But your ability to deal with your past failures and to put them in […]