Bodacious Principles- I Learned From a Great Man

  • Life is not about what you keep, it is about what you give
  • People remember your actions more than your words
  • Preach less and minister more
  • Be gentle in suffering
  • Be strong in suffering
  • Be willing to sacrifice for others
  • Submit to God and know He is with you
  • Speak with kindness and gentleness
  • Cherish the time you have with family
  • Cherish the time you have to serve God
  • Honor God, family and people

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3 thoughts on “Bodacious Principles- I Learned From a Great Man

  1. The book is a great read and time well spent. Honest leadership principles by a great leader.

  2. This book, written by a man who has found peace in all aspects of his life, is sharing a journey of leadership, achieving personal goals, selfless giving, and has given us all the opportunity to find our path. This extraordinary and motivational story will touch your very soul, and you will make a choice. What will YOURS be?

  3. Im almost 15 years old,
    I started reading this book, thinking it was just another book my parents wanted me to readd.
    Turns out, it was great.
    Great morals, great life lessons.
    I’ve began looking at life from a different angle,
    One where when I fail,
    I dont just complain and do nothing.
    I think of ways i can fix it, to make myself a stronger person.

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