Are You Making a Living or Making a Difference?

You have a choice… you can work to make a career, work to make a living, work to make it through the day OR your can work to make a difference.

It is inspiring to work with people that work to make a difference. Here is how you can make a difference and not just make a living.

Seven Things To Do If You Want To Make a Difference And Not Just Make a Living


Work to give money not to get money

When you set your earning goal based on your giving goal the whole game changes. You want to make more? Then work to give more and the money will come as a result. This seems backward and perhaps even crazy but it is true. When you give more you get more.

Do not worry about climbing the corporate ladder, make sure it is leaned against the right wall

Passion for doing your job well is a great thing. Passion for making a difference by the work you do will lead to a satisfied and rich life. However, passion for power and position can be a treacherous path that will lead to personal failure and ruin.  Be careful where you direct your passion, because you may achieve it.

Work to build a great team not an impressive resume

To make a difference? Build a great team and not a great resume. Grow to your full potential and build a strong team with individuals who can help you make a difference. The greater the difference you want to make, the bigger the mountain you will need to climb. So assemble a team to climb mountains not molehills and you will make a difference.

Stop complaining about working for a poor leader and develop yourself as a great leader

To make a difference you must lead; to lead you must grow. What are you doing today to grow as a leader? You make a difference by what you do each day. Work on equipping yourself to be a great leader each and everyday. Here is a resource for those who want to make a difference. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential by John C. Maxwell 

Do not ask how much it will cost to do something, ask how much will it cost to NOT do something

To make a difference will cost you. The real question is not how much it will cost you, but how much will it cost not to make a difference. You may be the difference that changes an organization or changes a life. Are you willing to invest in yourself and invest in others?

Do not work to make it through the day, work to make a difference in the day

You choose your attitude,  you choose to put life in your leadership and make a difference in the day. Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership and you can make a difference in your day and a difference in your life.

Stop working to make ends meet and start working to make a difference

Stop spending, start giving and you will make a difference. Take bold action and stop spending money you don’t have so you can invest in things that make a difference.

Be Bodacious and Make a difference!

Work each day with extraordinary commitment, unrestrained passion for giving and take bold action to make a difference.

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