A Better Way to Lead – Be Bodacious

There is a better way to lead and that is to be a bodacious leader. A bodacious leader is dedicated to creating an extraordinary, unrestrained, and bold team. Bodacious leaders are great communicators; they instill confidence by being genuine and speaking in an honest, open manner and by never using political talk to side step the issues. They are passionate about their vision and understand the importance of transferring their passion for the vision to the team. When people hear them talk about their vision, it is clear they are excited about what they want to achieve and have a plan of action. They carefully communicate the details of their plan and the benefits of achieving the goal.

Bodacious leaders understand that a team is motivated by making the entire team successful, instead of an individual team member or the leader. People follow bodacious leaders because they have a vision, and communicate their vision. Bodacious leaders demonstrate integrity and build trust by acting in alignment with what they say. Good people will follow a person of integrity and character who they can trust. Bodacious leaders build strong teams by surrounding themselves with other bodacious leaders who do not tolerate a pirate mentality on their team.

Bodacious leaders believe in getting sustainable results by being extraordinary, unrestrained, and bold in their approach. They realize ordinary leaders can deliver short-term results; however, bodacious leaders strive to be extraordinary through steady, healthy, long-term growth. Bodacious leaders are unrestrained and see beyond the horizon, because they boldly go to the horizon and can see more than an ordinary leader. Bodacious leaders are in for the long haul and have a vision that extends beyond the next quarter or year-end.

Bodacious leadership goes beyond the pedigree and resume of the individual. Bodacious leadership demands people of wisdom, vision, integrity, and loyalty. Good people are assets to bodacious leaders and are not seen as an expense to reduce during lean times. Bodacious leaders keep their organizations lean by boldly reducing the number of pirates and underperforming team members. Their organizations are lean at the top and strong on the front line of business. People resources are massed closest to the customer, as opposed to the corporate office. Bodacious leaders build a strong customer focused structure that is lean at the top and focused on serving the customer.

Bodacious leaders understand good people and the customer are the primary means of realizing the organization’s vision. They have a long-term vision and consistently get more out of their people by moving them toward the horizon and the ultimate destination. Bodacious leaders align their people resources with the vision of the organization and are willing to pay a short-term price for long-term gain. Bodacious leaders are better leaders because in everything they do they strive to be extraordinary, unrestrained and bold.

So Be Bodacious and be a better leader!

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One thought on “A Better Way to Lead – Be Bodacious

  1. I have been searching for someone that shares my idea of the ultimate CEO; a Leader that is beyond the boardroom, beyond the ladder-jocks. A Leader that places the highest importance closest to the customer, and leans from the bottom up….not the top down.

    I am relieved to have found you Steven. Thank you. This gives me a tremendous boost of confidence and credibility to what I have been relentlessly trying to pursue for over 10 years.

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