3 Words To Forget and 3 Words To Remember

Following the herd is ORDINARY, being RESTRAINED by “stuff that happens” is an excuse and playing it safe is FEAR of failure

FORGET – Ordinary, Restrained and Fear

These are words of the unsuccessful, words of regret, words that hold you back from realizing your full potential , prevent you from realizing your dreams.

REMEMBER – Extraordinary, Unrestrained and Bold

These are powerful words and every leader can choose to be extraordinary instead of ordinary, unrestrained instead of restrained and bold instead of fearful.

Remember Extraordinary Extraordinary leaders do not pursue ordinary goals, ordinary dreams or take on ordinary challenges. They are trailblazers and pioneers, they go where others have not been, where others will not go and will give more than others give. Extraordinary leaders go beyond their personal horizon and step by step they see more than they were able to see before. They expect extraordinary things to happen they expect rain when there is a drought. (Maasai Miracle – Rain from a Blue Sky)

Remember Unrestrained

Unrestrained leaders are not restrained by where they are today. They are not restrained by what they have or by what they do not have. Unrestrained leaders realize it will cost them more than money.

It always cost more than you think and will take longer than you think.  – John C Maxwell.
 Unrestrained leaders do not ask how much it will cost they ask how much will it cost not to do it. They are not restrained by opposition, those who say you are not smart enough, that you do not have enough money, that you are not qualified and who say you will fail. They are not restrained by the infamous “Devils Advocate”.

 Remember Bold

Be bold enough to dream big, bold enough to stop talking, stop meeting and start doing. They are bold enough to start preparing, they are the “crazy ones” who build an Ark when it has never rained. Bold leaders have big dreams and  build their organization to fit the dream. Bold leaders build a great team to achieve great things they  understand you don’t need a team to climb a small hill but you need a great team to climb big mountains. They are bold enough to take the journey before they have all the answers and they are bold enough to take the first step, the second step and step by step they learn more, see more and achieve more.

 Forget ordinary, restrained and fearful and be Extraordinary, Unrestrained and Bold!

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